Benjamin Wirzba

2018 Food & Faith Intern

A rising Junior at Furman University, Ben is a philosophy and political science double major who enjoys running, reading, writing, playing guitar, and being outside with his friends. From Hillsborough, North Carolina, Ben is interested in the role of the Church in politics and everyday life. In his work as the Food and Faith Intern, he wants to explore the connections that churches have made to make food systems more sustainable, and see how their involvement in the community has impacted the work of local farmers and other growers of food. In addition, he wants to see how theologians and other academics are treating the numerous problems that are arising from the global food economy, and what they think the role of community and local food systems is in solving them. Ben believes that good, local food should be available to everyone, whether they grow it themselves or not, and that the Church has a large role to play in making this vision a reality.