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Convening Service

Convening Service

The World Food Policy Center specializes in convening and coordinating on food system issues. Our theory of change is that relationships and community-led solutions are central to creating sustainable foodways. And, that food systems need to be understood first at the local level.

Convenings are designed to uncover gaps in knowledge and to expose the food system impact of past policy decisions. Our convening model brings people most affected by critical issues together with diverse food system stakeholders--including policymakers, researchers, NGOs, and philanthropic organizations along--to listen, learn, and engage in problem solving together.

What We Do

  • conduct extensive background research and interviews
  • collaboratively develop an attendee roster that brings all needed stakeholders into conversation
  • incorporate historical, cultural, and racial equity understanding of the issue
  • structure the convening experience to include real time data collection from the audience, small group breakouts, and purposeful relationship building
  • facilitate meetings to ensure productive outcomes
  • incorporate meeting elements drawn from human-centered design approaches
  • prepare a convening report and recommendations
  • prepare convening video(s) or podcast interviews with key speakers

Working with Us

We conduct convenings as part of our own center research; as a collaboration method with other research teams; and as a service-for-fee for community, philanthropic or governmental agencies.


Convening Examples

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