Departments and programs across Duke offers a wealth of undergraduate and graduate courses that can inform and empower students interested in making change within the dynamic world of food systems. These courses can augment any degree program and lead to undergraduate research, internship opportunities and graduate research experiences. The WFPC will gladly talk with and advise any student with an interest in food policy, practice, food research, and food system equity.

Note: Courses that include an S in the course number are small, seminar classes. Courses that include a D in the course number have a discussion section (larger classes).

Course Numbering Scheme

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Number Title Crosslistings Notes Course Taught
Herbal tea BIOLOGY 158 Plants and Human Use Fall 2019
Anthropology of Food Course CULANTH 150 Anthropology of Food Fall 2019
Ecosystem and human health ENVIRON 153 Ecosystem Health and Human Well-Being Fall 2019
Pigging Out - Cultural Politics of Food AAAS 352 Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food SOCIOL 374, ICS 206 Fall 2019
Anatomy of Human BIOLOGY 209-1 The Ecology of Human Health Fall 2019
Climate Change BIOLOGY 263 Biological Responses to Climate Change Fall 2019
Plant Systematics BIOLOGY 342L Plant Systematics and Evolution Fall 2019
Plants and People BIOLOGY 347L Plants and People Fall 2019
Stimulants & Society CULANTH 225 Stimulants & Society ICS 230 Fall 2019
Politics on America's Borderlands CULANTH 254 Cultures and Politics of the America Borderlands LATAMER 254 Fall 2019
Health policy transition in China CULANTH 396A Health Policy in Transition: Challenges for China Instructor permission required. Taught in China. Fall 2019
NC Farmers and Poverty DOCSTU 332S Farmworkers in North Carolina: Roots of Poverty, Roots of Change CULANTH 236S, VMS 341S, LATAMER 332S, RIGHTS 332S Fall 2019
Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics DOCSTU 341S Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics CULANTH 238S, PUBPOL 380S, ICS 342S, ETHICS 342S Fall 2019
Blueberries in a palm DOCSTU 344S Our Culinary Cultures CULANTH 258S, ICS 344S Fall 2019
Food, Fuel and Plant Growth ENVIRON 228 Food and Fuel for a Growing Population: Nuts and Bolts of Plant Growth and Production BIOLOGY 228 Fall 2019
Nuts and Bolts of Plant Production ENVIRON 228S Food and Fuel for a Growing Population: Nuts and Bolts of Plant Growth and Production BIOLOGY 228 Fall 2019
Should I Eat Fish? ENVIRON 275SA Global Fisheries Conflicts: Exploring Local and Global Economic, Ecological, and Social Impacts Fall 2019
Ocean ENVIRON 314 Managing the Oceans to Solve Global Problems PUBPOL 314 Fall 2019
aquaculture ENVIRON 319A Aquaculture and the Environment. ENVIRON 615A Fall 2019
Crops and environmental health ENVIRON 338S Introduction to Environmental Life Cycle Assessment: Applications to Food Systems Fall 2019
Hunters & gatherers EVANTH 257 Ecology and Adaptation of Hunters and Gatherers Fall 2019
Biology of Nutrition EVANTH 355 Food For Thought: The Biology of Nutrition Fall 2019
Cattle GSF 270 Animals and Ethics: Welfare, Rights, Utilitarianism, and Beyond PUBPOL 268 Fall 2019
Farming and Feminism GSF 275 Food, Farming, and Feminism GLHLTH 225, ENVIRON 209 Fall 2019
North American Environmental History HISTORY 345 North American Environmental History PUBPOL 278, ICS 340 Fall 2019
Famine HISTORY 371 Feast and Famine: Food in Global History SCISOC 371 Fall 2019
neuroscience and nutrition NEUROSCI 333S Neuroscience and Nutrition Fall 2019
psychology of obesity PSY 210 The Psychology of Obesity Fall 2019
Food, Culture & Society Duke Immerse Program ROMST 388S Food, Culture, and Society CULANTH 389S, SOCIOL 388S, ITALIAN 388S Fall 2019
Food Culture & Peru SPANISH 311 Intensive Summer Spanish: Food Production and Consumption in NC and Peru Fall 2019
community based intervention research PSY 410S Community Based Prevention Intervention Research Fall 2019
Food, Agriculture and the Environment: Law and Policy ENVIRON 536 Food, Agriculture and the Environment: Law and Policy Fall 2019
Should I Eat Fish? ENVIRON 569 Should I Eat Fish? Economics, Ecology and Health Fall 2019
clams ENVIRON 585 Fisheries Biogeography and Ecology Fall 2019
Growing human population ENVIRON 624 Agriculture and Sustainability: Feeding the Growing Human Population Today for the Future Fall 2019
image of water EOS 524 Water Quality Health ENVIRON 524, GLBLHLTH 534, ENERGY 524 Fall 2019
international water resources EOS 527 International Water Resources Fall 2019
global nutrition GLHLTH 670 Global Nutrition Fall 2019
Eating disorders PSY 605S Obesity and Eating Disorders Fall 2019
eating disorders across the lifespan PSY 671S Nature and Treatment of Eating Disorders Across the Lifespsan Fall 2019
US Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy PUBPOL 527S Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy in the U S. Fall 2019
water PUBPOL 580S Water Cooperation and Conflict GLHLTH 533S, ICS 521S Fall 2019