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Student Opportunities

The World Food Policy Center offers educational learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Please click on the button below and complete the student intake form if you are interested in working with us. On the form, you will be asked about your research skills and interests so that we can match you with the best possible opportunity. You will be contacted by a center staff member. If you have any questions, please contact Norbert Wilson at

Types of student engagement opportunities available

Program II Individualized Degree

Through Duke's Program II individualized degree structure, students can craft a personalized curriculum that focuses on food systems issues. Program II plans are rigorous and serve the needs of students whose intellectual interests cross departmental boundaries or who perceive areas of learning in clusters other than others offered in majors (aka "Program I" majors).

Independent Study

The center supports independent study projects for students on a case by case basis, depending on the topic fit for center faculty and staff. Projects must be approved prior to registering for independent study credit.

Honors Thesis for Graduation with Distinction

Center faculty can serve as advisors for undergraduate honors thesis work focused on food systems issues. Honors thesis can support graduation with distinction in Program I and Program II majors.

Undergraduate & Graduate Research Assistantships

We typically offer research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students each academic year, over the summer, and may be able to connect students with outside project clients. Students will typically support a specific research project that may exploratory in nature, and support one or more other projects/efforts at the center that are more tightly scoped.

Masters Projects

We recruit masters students over the summer and early in the fall semester. We often engage students in support of our own research projects, but do support students in their own thesis-level research on a case by case basis.

Graduate Program Class Client Projects

The center can serve as a client or co-client for projects that seek to address food systems issues. We are also happy to connect students with outside organizations with whom we have working relationships, and to serve as a co-client.

Dissertation Advising

Faculty affiliated with the center serve as lead advisors for doctoral students, as ad hoc advisers, and on dissertation committees for students working on food systems issues.