Childhood Obesity

Rebecca Pearl on the impact of fat shaming

E73: Weight Stigma 101 with Rebecca Pearl

February 2020

People who experience weight discrimination are more likely to gain more weight over time than people with obesity who don't describe these kinds of experiences. Weight bias, stigma and discrimination have received more and more attention among researchers, but also in the public. Think, for example, of the term "fat shaming." Among the researchers doing path-breaking work in this area is Dr. Rebecca Pearl at the Perlman School of Medicine. Her research focuses on weight bias and its associated outcomes in patients with obesity. Listen to Podcast/Read Transcript about E73: Weight Stigma 101 with Rebecca Pearl »

Combatting Weight Bias

E41: Combatting Weight Bias

June 2019

In an earlier podcast with Dr. Rebecca Puhl, she described the nature extent and impact of weight bias on the lives of individuals was described and clear and very moving ways. Dr. Puhl, professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Connecticut, and deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, is a leading researcher and an agent for change on this important topic. She's kindly agreed to speak with us on this podcast on what might be done to prevent weight stigma when it does occur and how to reduce its impact. Listen to Podcast/Read Transcript about E41: Combatting Weight Bias »

Cruel Impact of Weight Stigma

E40: Cruel Impact of Weight Stigma

June 2019

Think back to your time in school and try to remember how the overweight children were treated. It is possible that you were the subject of such treatment, but if not, imagine how this would feel and whether such experiences could have an indelible impact. What are the consequences of such treatment then and later in life? When people think of stigma, bias, discrimination factors such as gender, race, and age come to mind for most people, but not necessarily weight. And weight bias is a very important topic and has been the subject of an impressive body of research. Listen to Podcast/Read Transcript about E40: Cruel Impact of Weight Stigma »