Podcast Topic: Food Waste & Implications

Podcast Topic: Food Waste & Implications


Podcast - Jennifer MolidorE132: Connecting Food with our Environment in Daily Life

June 16, 2021

Most people think about the connection between food and their budget, or food and their health, but more and more people are concerned about the connection between food and the environment. Someone who cares about this a great deal is food campaigner, Jennifer Molidor, from the Center for Biological Diversity.

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Podcast with Jasmine CroweE120: GOODR Tackles the Logistics of Redirecting Healthy Food to the Hungry

March 9, 2021

If you go to the website of an organization called GOODR, at goodr.co, you will be rewarded with inspiration to be sure but you’ll also find some startling information. While one in seven Americans is food insecure, 72 billion pounds of edible food goes to landfills each year and $218 billion is spent growing, transporting and disposing this food. You will also learn from our guest, Jasmine Crowe and I quote, hunger is not an issue of scarcity, it is a matter of logistics. Jasmine Crowe founded the tech-enabled sustainable food waste management company, GOODR. The ingenious work she has done in Atlanta, which simultaneously addresses food waste and food insecurity, has received national and global attention and is featured in a terrific TED Talk that Jasmine’s given.

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Podcast - Marlowe Vaughn HurricanesE52: Hogs and Hurricanes in North Carolina

October 7, 2019

We’re talking today with Bob Ivey and his daughter, Marlowe Vaughan, owners of Razorback Farms in Goldsboro where they raise pigs as a contractor for Maxwell Farms. Ivey and Vaughan closely follow the news, debates, and lawsuits over pig manure lagoons, odors, and water safety concerns, and they welcomed the opportunity to talk about their own farm operations, and they believe in the value of open communications.

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