Improving Lactation Support at Duke University

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months and continue at least the first year of baby’s life. Breastfeeding rates drop after women go back to work. There is confusion about the availability and extent of the lactation support at Duke. We put a proposal together and submitted to the Duke Healthy Campus Initiative Steering Committee in April 2018. Team Gold from Duke Leadership Academy picked up on this topic and started working on it during the summer. They presented their findings in November to Duke Human Resources. Duke is now forming an implementation to create an action plan.

Lactation Support


Project Team

  • Gizem Templeton, Ph.D.
  • Kyle Cavanaugh, Duke HR, Healthy Campus Initiative
  • Antwon Lofton, Duke HR
  • Tracey Smith, Duke HR
  • Julie Joyner, Health Campus Initiative
  • Marcus Carson, Healthy Campus Initiative
  • Anthony Viera, Healthy Campus Initiative
  • Emily Hannon, Duke Health Newborn Nursery
  • Team Gold, Duke Leadership Academy
  • Family Forward NC