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Making the Case for an EFOD Fund for Durham, NC

Project Overview

Graduate student Xavier Roberts is working in collaboration with Durham County, North Carolina to develop the rationale and structure for an EFOD Fund (Equitable Food Oriented Development as defined by the EFOD Collaborative) for the county. This project will begin in the summer of 2022 and continue through spring 2023. Roberts will conduct a literature review and a series of qualitative interviews with EFOD stakeholders to establish a foundational understanding of the how, what and why of EFOD as a practice for investing. The final product will be a shareable document framing the rationale and benefits of an EFOD Fund, targeted at EFOD stakeholders and Durham County governmental personnel/decision making audiences.



Xavier Roberts, Duke Sanford School of Public Policy

Jennifer Zuckerman, Duke World Food Policy Center

Mary Oxendine, Durham County Food Security Coordinator