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Optimizing the Committee on World Food Security to Support Outcomes of the Food Systems Summit

The project assessed potential opportunities for the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) that are likely to emerge after the conclusion of the Food Systems Summit (FSS) of 2021. Given the CFS is likely be a critical instrument in helping the FSS achieve lasting success, this project is intended to accelerate discussions on optimizing the CFS’ role after the conclusion of the FSS. The project involved a review of the literature surrounding the strengths of the CFS, interviews with key individuals, the facilitation of a roundtable discussion and the preparation of a final report.

The project was guided by the following questions:

  1. What role could the CFS play in implementing or supporting the policy initiatives that might emerge from the FSS? What does the CFS have to offer when it comes to operationalizing FSS policy outcomes, and what follow-up is the FSS likely to need? Where is there alignment between them? Where are there gaps?
  1. What within the CFS structure or procedures should be optimized to enable the Committee to succeed in meeting the needs outlined in Question 1? How might this be done to maximize effectiveness?
The goal of these research activities is to inform preliminary recommendations articulating opportunities for the CFS after the FSS concludes. The aim is to identify relevant questions and suggestions that key stakeholders might have for the CFS in the wake of the FSS, not to answer them definitively. It should be viewed as a jumpstart to a larger discussion, and one that provides reflections for key stakeholders after the FSS conclusion.



  • Jack Daly, Duke World Food Policy Center
  • Sarah Zoubek, Duke World Food Policy Center