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Rising Tides and Water Quality Challenges in Down East North Carolina

As sea levels rise, various water sources across coastal landscapes — like aquifers, reservoirs and sewers — become increasingly interconnected, creating all kinds of new risks. Focusing on the rural regions of Carteret County, North Carolina, this team will identify some of the most serious risks by interviewing local residents, testing tap water and assessing infrastructure. Ultimately, the researchers aim to develop a new way to profile risk for not only individuals and communities but also entire watersheds.



July 1, 2024 -


Trinity College of Arts & Sciences (PI)

  • Emily S. Bernhardt, Biology (PI)
  • Kiera O’Donnell, Postdoctoral Associate, Biology

Pratt School of Engineering

  • Akhenaton-Andrew Dhafir Jones III, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Kayla Farley, Ph.D. Student

Nicholas School of the Environment

  • Ryan Emanuel, Environmental Sciences and Policy

University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill

  • Elizabeth Frankenberg,  Carolina Population Center

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center

  • Karen Willis Amspacher


Duke Climate Research Innovation Seed Program (CRISP)