Abigail Bennett, Ph.D.

Fisheries Faculty Fellow

Abigail Bennett is Assistant Professor of Global Inland Fisheries Ecology and Governance at Michigan State University. She earned her Ph.D. at Duke University's Nicholas School and worked on our fisheries projects as a doctoral student. Her research engages institutional analysis, political economy, and discourse analysis to study processes of institutional emergence and change and associated social and ecological outcomes in fisheries. In particular, she is interested in understanding how different governance arrangements - both formal and informal - shape intersections of fish trade, food security, and sustainable fisheries livelihoods. Her research also seeks to track the discursive representation of inland fisheries in policy and development spaces and the role of fisheries science in shaping those narratives. Relatedly, she aims to connect her research to outreach with organizations such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission in order to inform scholarship and work across the science-policy interface.