Shylah Duchicela

Graduate Research Assistant

Born and raised in Ecuador, Shylah graduated from the University of Delaware in 2014 with a degree in Public Policy and Sociology. After graduation, she joined Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) as an Americorps member. MMP is a nonprofit based in Boston that focuses on providing resources and technical assistance to mentoring and youth serving organizations. For the past two years, Shylah has worked on two health and human services budgets for the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Ways and Means. This experience allowed her to identify the intricate complexities behind state and local politics, the power of advocacy and the process state budgets are subject to. Her focus was public and mental health and increasing access to services for people with disabilities.

At the World Food Policy Center, Shylah is working on conducting a food policy scan across local, state and municipalities across categories such as food security, local processing, land ownership and most recently, impacted and changing policies as a result of COVID-19. She is also researching racial equity tools and how they might be applied to the food policy environment.