Xinyan Lin

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate research assistant Xinyan Lin has worked on a wide range of local and global environmental governance issues, from forestry management to air pollution control, from marine plastics reduction to space debris removal. She is currently working on the WFPC Fisheries project. She is a graduate student in the Duke Nicholas School Coasts and Commons co-laboratory as a PhD student using her analytical skills on governance models and developing an in-depth understanding of the issue of coastal and marine conservation. Her graduate work focuses on China's issues of community fishery management in particular, with questions of how private and state actors institutionalize to manage marine resource; how has the relationship among the social groups evolved overtime; and what can be done to enhance the capacity of these social groups to better address marine conservation challenges. Besides research, she serves as the Coordinator of China Marine Funders Alliance, a network that seeks to enhance philanthropy’s ability to support China’s progress towards its marine ecocivilization goals through shared learning, collaboration, and coordination among foundations. Prior to this, she worked as a Programme Associate with the Environment Programme of Oak Foundation. She completed a master’s degree in international affairs from Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland, and a bachelor’s degree in environmental management from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.