COVID podcast series

Wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the food supply? We've got the experts and every day people who can tell you what's happening, and how we got here. Each podcast also explores what needs to happen next in order to create a more just and sustainable food system.


Featured Research

How does white supremacy culture play out in the food insecurity and food access space in the United States? To become anti-racist, food system actors must understand how white supremacy culture narratives function to center whiteness across the food system, effectively reinforcing systemic racial inequality and by extension disadvantaging BIPOC people. We discuss how whiteness holds white ideals as universal, how whiteness fuels power in decision making, and how whiteness defines foods as either good or bad.



Our Mission

Duke University’s World Food Policy Center develops coordinated and inclusive food policies. Our approach bridges key areas of food policies and systems to improve human wellbeing, environmental health, and equity. At the heart of this work, we learn from and connect unique voices—including people most affected by food system challenges.

Latest Podcasts

Leading Voices in Food Podcast Series

Our vision for The Leading Voices in Food podcast series is to offer wide-ranging perspectives and knowledge from researchers, community leaders, policy-makers, farmers and more. We will feature topics across the food system spectrum such as food insecurity, obesity, agriculture, access and equity, food safety, food defense, and food policy issues.

Courses & Opportunities

Departments and programs across Duke offers a wealth of undergraduate and graduate courses that can inform and empower students interested in making change within the dynamic world of food systems.

The WFPC will gladly talk with and advise any student with an interest in food policy and food system equity.