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2024 Data+: A Textual Analysis of Agricultural Research

A team of students led by the Duke World Food Policy Center’s Ag economist Norbert Wilson and electrical and computer engineering professor Leslie Collins and research professor Boyla Mainsah will analyze agricultural research funding to understand whether USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has prioritized Ag production and efficiency and under-invested in work to address human-induced climate change and food insecurity. Students will build upon a well-curated and accessible database of papers from last year’s team and develop a further database of USDA NIFA-funded projects that future researchers can conduct subsequent analysis at Duke and beyond. In addition, the students will develop and make available content analysis codes that others can access and manipulate via platforms like GitHub.

Project Leads: Drs. Norbert Wilson, Leslie Collins, and Boyla Mainsah

Project Manager: Poojitha Balamurugan

Student Research Team: Haozhou Zhan, Sophie Schwartz, Darsh Mandera

Haozhou Zhang, Sophie Schwartz, Darsh Mandera