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Our goal is to be a resource to a wide range of audiences impacted by and intersecting with food systems and food policy. In this section of our site, you will find reports, articles, info graphics, and commentary--both from our center and the many other institutions and organizations working in food policy. Sharing insight is a core ethos of our center because we believe that only by working together can we achieve an equitable and sustainable global food systems that advanced human health while protecting the planet.

Recent Papers & Commentary

Recent Explainers & Infographics

Farm Bill video

3 Things to Know about the Farm Bill and Climate Change

Why the U.S. Farm Bill Matters Duke experts emphasize the pivotal role the U.S. Farm Bill can play in addressing the 11% greenhouse gas emissions…

SNAP panel discussion title slide

Nutrition Assistance Programs: The past, present and future of the Farm Bill

This panel discussion was recorded on June 26, 2023 as part of the Duke in DC Office’s Beyond Talking Points series. The goal of the…

How might SNAP changes reduce inequality between Whites, Black and Hispanics

How might SNAP changes reduce inequality between White, Black and Hispanic households?

Access the full research paper: Moving policies towards racial and ethnic equality: The case of the supplemental nutrition assistance program

Rooted in Relationship: Power & Privilege in Food Systems Conference

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. The webinar focused on how white dominant cultural narratives play out in food insecurity and food access in the United States? The webinar framed ways in which whiteness impacts the food system, based in an historical context of structural racism. We also presented examples of how whiteness fuels power, decision-making, and investment in food systems.

Examining Whiteness in Food Systems Webinar

Rooted in Relationship event image

This event explored how we can move from charitable interventions to a justice-based approach to food systems reform and community development. The Rooted in Relationship event focused on how to shift power and work in support of (not on behalf of) community-rooted organizations working on the health and economic viability of historically marginalized communities. This conference was held on April 21, 2022 at Duke University.