Gizem Templeton, Ph.D.

Associate in Research

Gizem Templeton divides her time into two areas of focus in her Associate in Research role at the WFPC. She joined the WFPC team in November 2017 as an Early Childhood Associate in Research. Her sole focus was looking into research and implementation that centers on how the food system affects early childhood nutrition and its interconnections with early childhood development. In this capacity, she worked on projects such as lactation support at Duke, supervising development of visualization of early childhood services in Durham, and is currently working on the feasibility study of the central kitchens serving child care centers in rural North Carolina. She serves on multiple boards as it relates to early childhood nutrition and development, most notably the NC Farm to Preschool Network Advisory Board.

Majority of her time nowadays is spent on the Durham Food Justice Plan projects, which look into ways of creating a just, equitable, and resilient food system in Durham while reconciling with its history.  Gizem serves on the Racial Equity in the Food System Workgroup as well as the emerging Global Solidarity Alliance for Food, Health, and Social Justice. She is the author of a book chapter on future challenges, trends, and opportunities in public health nutrition: rural, urban, and global community-based practice.

Before diving into the food systems field, Gizem obtained her PhD in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her dissertation focused on the use of nanotechnology in peanut allergen and acrylamide detection while utilizing a biodegradable corn-based sensor platform. Her publications can be found here. She is a native of Turkey and has been living in the States since 2011.