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Leading Voices in Food Podcast Series

Our vision for The Leading Voices in Food podcast series is to offer wide-ranging perspectives and knowledge from experts, community leaders, farmers and more. We will feature topics across the food system spectrum such as food insecurity, obesity, agriculture, access and equity, food safety, food defense, and food policy issues.


Food & Early Childhood Development

The first 1,000 days of life is a critical period when the foundations of optimum health, growth, and neurodevelopment across the lifespan are established. Children need a healthy diet to promote normal growth and development. The foods you offer and the food environment you create can make a big difference in babies' and young children's eating habits, food preferences and attitudes toward new foods.


Food & Economic Development

As one way to solve global food system problems and ensure equitable access to food, we look to innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly at the local food level. New business incubators and commercial kitchen hubs offer resources and technical assistance to help local food entrepreneurs gain access to equitable financing and thrive.


Food & Faith

Increasingly, faith communities—whether Christian, Muslim, First Nations, Jewish or any number of other faith traditions—are working at the front line of food security and community health. Faith leaders are cultivating healthy congregations by re-centering on the agrarian theological precepts of their faith tradition—our most basic relationship to food, land and each other. 


Food Policy

Food systems are impacted by agricultural policy; education policy; local, regional, national, and international development policy; environmental policy; health policy and more. What’s more, critical components of the food system are not managed as a whole. Policy can drive better coordination and sustainability in our food system, and ensure everyone has access to enough healthy food.


Food & Obesity

The obesity epidemic is actually a worldwide pandemic that has global implications for health and disease. Obesity and diet-related disease are the driving cause of 8 out of the 10 leading causes of disease. Obesity and poverty are intricately interlinked, and our food system doesn’t serve everyone equally. Experts weigh in on The Leading Voices in Food.


Food & Racial Equity

Our food system places a disproportionate burden on vulnerable populations worldwide. In the U.S., Blacks and Hispanic/Latinx populations are dramatically more likely to face ongoing episodes of food insecurity. This is caused by structural racism that has prevented these populations from accumulating land and generational wealth, and is compounded by poverty.


Sustainable Agriculture & the Environment

Food production activities are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas and climate change, and more than 40% of food is wasted. The causes of food waste or loss are numerous and occur at the stages of producing, processing, retailing and consuming. Global food loss and waste amount to between one-third and one-half of all food produced.