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Resilient Communities Built on Farmer Flourishing: Policy Frameworks for Climate-Ready Local Food Systems

The world needs more farmers committed to climate-resilient practices—but they often face enormous social, environmental and policy challenges to maintaining productivity and profitability. This project will engage with farmers, policymakers and businesses in North Carolina’s Durham and Orange Counties, gleaning insights to inform new county land use and climate action plans. The team also aims to create a database of county-level policies from across the nation to aid grassroots organizations and decisionmakers in advancing climate-resilient local food systems.

Note: This project is funded in part by the Duke Climate Research Innovation Seed Program (CRISP), the Office of Durham and Community Affairs and the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.



July 1, 2024 -


Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke

  • Kerilyn Schewel, Duke Center for International Development (PI)
  • Jack Daly, World Food Policy Center

John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute and Duke Campus Farm

  • Saskia Cornes

Duke School of Law

  • Lee Miller


Duke Climate Research Innovation Seed Program (CRISP), Office of Durham and Community Affairs, Office of Interdisciplinary Studies